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What is Hydraverse?

Hydraverse is a P2E game x Metaverse x 3D NFT Dragons in which users can have many financial opportunities through the digital NFT dragons. Players in Hydraverse can enjoy playing Hydraverse while earning $HDV tokens from training dragons, trading, staking, winning races or even betting.

What is Hydraverse’s mission and vision?


Our core team aims to inspire players with stories of dragon trainers overcoming challenges and spread blockchain knowledge together with play-to-earn chances to our global community.


Hydraverse has a positive and lasting influence on peoples' lives while opening play-to-earn gaming activities and economic opportunities for our sustained community. And we are confident we can build up an inclusive metaverse ecosystem & achieve NFL play-to-earn industry leadership in the near future.

What is the team behind Hydraverse?

Ryan Nguyen - CEO

CEO Onetapstudio

With over 10-year-working experience in the game development industry, Ryan possesses solid expertise in advanced technologies like 3D, AR, VR. As CEO at Onetap, Ryan has led more than 25 games published by Onetapstudio to successful launches. Some of them are top games in the Vietnam game market and some of them got featured by IOS.

Moreover, Ryan is also the guy who came up with the idea of Hydraverse and is now in charge of project manager at Hydraverse.

Toan Nguyen - CTO

Blockchain Leader at Chainos

Toan has been working in the field for over 3 years. He has joined plenty of Blockchain projects at Chainos as project manager and is also extraordinarily interested in researching new technology. In Hydraverse, Toan takes charge of the core blockchain development.

Quang Nguyen - COO

Game Performance Manager at Onetapstudio

As Game Performance Manager, Quang has quite strict eyes about the delivery of any projects that are the key to successful launch at Onetapstudio. With his own 5-year experience in the field, Quang is leading a game development team for Hydraverse.

Tracy Hoang - CMO

Marketing Executive at Chainos

After graduating from the most prestigious economic university in Vietnam, Tracy has been working as a marketer for several big firms in Vietnam. Join Hydraverse, she aims to bring this awesome game to a huge number of crypto traders & racing game fans at the same time.

How to buy NFT?

NFT Eggs will be sold in the Hydraverse’s Own Marketplace and some other marketplace as well. 

How many kinds are there?

There will be 3 types of Dragon Eggs: Normal, Epic, Legendary with different stars

How to buy $HDV?

- You can apply for a whitelist and can be chosen to buy $HDV token at IDOs. 

- Buy $HDV token when it is listed.

What is Hydraverse’s token address?

We haven’t set a contract address yet. 

What are $HDV’s utilities?
HDV will be used directly or indirectly in Hydraverse to

- Stake HDVs or join farming pools to earn attractive APYs

- Hire NFT dragons to join racing games.

- Buy breeding and training packages to improve NFT dragon stats and increase chances to win races.

- Pay racing fee.

- Buy racing courses with the NFT mechanism acting as your title of ownership. Racing courses can be monetised by renting with transactions using HDV tokens or selling with transactions using BUSD/BNB tokens.

- Challenge bigger winning prizes in the games.

In some cases, tokens gained will be burned to balance the economy of Hydraverse.
How can you earn $HDV?

Users can earn HDV in the game by

- Joining the racing games and winning the races.

- Renting NFT dragons and NFT racing courses.

- Staking HDVs or joining farm pools.

- Joining NFT dragons exhibitions.

- Completing daily tasks such as feeding dragons, participating in races …
As diamond holders, Hydraversers could receive exclusive privileges, which can be defined at an appropriate time.

What to buy there?

- Dragon's egg

- Item used to awaken the dragon

- Food for dragons.

- Open slots at the Dragon Exhibition

How to buy?

Before IDOs, users could purchase NFT Eggs by BNB/ BUSD at some popular Marketplace.

After IDOs, users can enter Hydraverse’s marketplace, pick their favourite Eggs and purchase them with $HDV.

When will it be released?

Before Hydraverse’s IDOs.

What are the activities in the alpha version?


- Training session

- Offline racing

What are the conditions to play?

Users will need to have at least 1 NFT Eggs. 

How can we earn?
What is Gacha?

Gacha is a place where you can get Hydraverse NFT Eggs

What have in Gacha?

Dragon Eggs from 1 star to 5 stars with 3 types: Normal, Epic, Legendary and 1 kind of rare Eggs which are only sold at Gacha.

What is the number of items in Gacha?
5000 Eggs include: 3000 Normal Eggs & 2000 Epic Eggs
What is Gacha rate?

Percentage of Dragon when cracking different types of Eggs as follow

What are the benefits of buying Gachas?

- Being the first to train your Dragons

- Becoming the first to Play-to-Earn

- Swapping Dcoin right after listing

- No $HDV stake required

- Owning NFT at a low price

- Opening of rare NFTs at a high rate

When is INO?

⏳ INO Schedule

- Round 1 (For whitelisted users): 12:30 PM UTC, Jan 17th, 2022.

- Round 2 (FCFS the Remaining): 01:00 PM UTC, Jan 17th, 2022.

What happens to USDT spent on Gacha?
USDT from the 1st NFT sale of Hydraverse will be used as reward pool for P2E Beta Version.